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About the company

Probably, there are no remained companies in Ukraine whose employees are tidying office by their own. Almost any company can afford full-time cleaner or services of specialized cleaning company.

The same applies to the families. Fortunately, more and more Ukrainian families are musing that rags and brushes aren’t worth spending their free time. And increasingly, seek professional help.

Cleaning up at home, conventional apartment, office and even at the vast production and shopping mall – is the work of the staff of a cleaning company "Clean Sky".

Services for legal entities

Cleaner, which companies are hiring at a monthly salary is, no doubt, an indispensable employee. Who else will deal with daily wet cleaning, watering the plants, scavengering and do other small, but very important and necessary for the normal functioning of the office responsibilities? But is it enough for cleaning? Maybe, if you own a small company with three employees who shed no coffee, have their lunch in a specially designated place and on the weekends, as the rest, don’t mind washing windows at their dear office.

If we are talking about a solid company, which is often visited by customers and business partners, regular cleaner will simply not cope with such responsibilities. Not mentioning the fact that you additionally have to spend a tidy sum for the purchase of specialized detergents and special equipment. Usual rags and buckets of water is not enough, especially in the case of cleaning the premises after renovation or corporate party.

How to manage with spring-cleaning, which should be done at least once a quarter? High-altitude work is on forces only to professionals. Amateur is not something that can not cope with this task, but will endanger his health and even life. What are the risks? Professionals from the cleaning company "Clear Sky" have all the necessary equipment and skills to work at height. Without doubt, we only use specialized equipment and brand cleaners.

Services for legal entities:

  • Daily room cleaning
  • Marble’s polishing and crystallization
  • Deodorization
  • Floor cleaning
  • Spring-cleaning
  • Furniture’s and carpet’s dry-cleaning
  • Protective coating for floors
  • Snow removal, icicles
  • Restroom’s cleaning
  • Cleaning of kitchen equipment
  • Cleaning after construction
  • Window’s and fa?ade’s washing
  • High-altitude work

Services for Individuals

Times of general cleanings, fortunately, have sunk into oblivion. Modern families do not want to spend the whole weekend out to tidy apartment or private house. Numerous prefer to pay attention to the purity for few tens minutes a day to accumulate dirt. Others are able to evaluate the benefits of the services of cleaning companies that can quickly, at a convenient time for the customer and for little money induce harmony in the living room, as well as perform the types of work that are hard to be done without special equipment and experience.

You do not want to exchange a family trip to the countryside or to the movies on the tedious routine house cleaning, do you? In addition, it is unlikely that you can get a cleaness as it can make a professional.

Save your time, ask for help to cleaning company "Clean Sky", because cleanliness and comfort – is our work, which we having been managed for about ten years, earning an impeccable reputation and excellent reviews from satisfied customers.

Services for individuals:

  • Maid service
  • cleaning after construction
  • spring-cleaning
  • window cleaning
  • furniture’s and carpet’s dry-cleaning
  • deodorization

Advantages of working with us:

  • We work only with professional equipment
  • The methods and tools are absolutely safe for health
  • We accept applications from the site around the clock
  • We conclude the contract with each client

Cleaning company "Clean Sky" provides cleaning services for any room on a contract basis at regular intervals or one-off.

We work with the premises of any purpose and quadrature. Our range of services covers apartments, villas, high-rise holiday homes, and many other facilities.

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